Update from Autifony Therapeutics’ QUIET-1 tinnitus clinical trial

  • Headline data from QUIET-1 confirm lack of efficacy of AUT00063 in the treatment of people with mild-to-moderate tinnitus
  • AUT00063 was safe and well tolerated
  • Trial of AUT00063 in age-related hearing loss continuing

London – UK – 28th April 2016 – Autifony, along with Innovate UK, sponsored a Phase IIa tinnitus clinical trial in the UK. Professor Jaydip Ray, ENT Surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals & Sheffield Children’s Hospital, was the national Coordinating Investigator for this clinical trial. Our lead academic collaborator was the University of Nottingham (Professor Deborah Hall). This “proof-of-concept” study explored the potential of Autifony’s lead Kv3 modulator, AUT00063, to reduce the symptoms in people with subjective tinnitus.

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