Autifony Therapeutics, Boehringer Ingelheim to collaborate on novel ion channel target with potential in multiple disease areas related to lysosomal storage disorders

Stevenage, UK – 04 March 2021 – Autifony Therapeutics Limited (“Autifony”), which is pioneering the development of novel pharmaceutical treatments for serious nervous system disorders, including schizophrenia, hearing loss, Fragile X Syndrome and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, today announced a new collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim.

Under the Agreement, Autifony and Boehringer Ingelheim’s Research Beyond Borders team will investigate a novel ion channel target involved in the function of cellular lysosomes. The new programme aims to discover and develop first-in-class modulators of these channels which have the potential to treat a range of indications, including Parkinson’s Disease and other disorders linked to lysosomal dysfunction. Financial details are not disclosed, but will include research funding as well as success-related milestones and other downstream payments.

Dr Charles Large, Chief Executive Officer of Autifony Therapeutics, commented: “In initiating this collaboration, Boehringer Ingelheim has demonstrated the continuing value the company places on Autifony’s skills and expertise in ion channel drug discovery and development. We look forward to working again with Boehringer Ingelheim on an exciting novel target and to discovering ground-breaking treatments for patients in areas of serious unmet need.

About Autifony Therapeutics Ltd
Autifony Therapeutics is an independent UK based biotechnology company formed in 2011 as a spin-out from GSK, which retains equity in the company. The Company is focused on the development of high value, novel medicines to treat hearing disorders and other serious diseases of the central nervous system. It is funded by SV Health Investors, IP Group, Pfizer Ventures, International Biotechnology Trust PLC, and UCL Business plc.

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