Pioneering ion channel discoveries and treatments for rare CNS disorders

The promise of a new and better class of medicines for patients

Our lead clinical programmes build on our knowledge of the novel Kv3 family of potassium channels. AUT00206 is a very promising clinical-stage Kv3 modulator for the treatment of Fragile X syndrome, where we have FDA Orphan Drug Designation. AUT00201 is a potent, clinical-stage Kv3 modulator for the treatment of rare epilepsy syndromes.

Autifony’s preclinical-stage assets targeting Kv3 channels show huge potential to treat a broader range of CNS indications such as schizophrenia and age-related hearing loss.

Our early-stage programmes are focused on other novel ion channel targets with the potential to treat CNS neurodegenerative and hyperexcitability disorders.


We are leveraging our ion channel platform and pioneering scientific expertise to translate groundbreaking discoveries into new treatments for rare CNS disorders.


Auitifony Therapeutics is aiming to change the treatment paradigm for patients with rare and other serious CNS disorders by unlocking the potential of innovative ion channel science.